Psychic Beauty Archetype | 4.2.16

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Psychic Beauty Archetype | 4.2.16


Unmask your most authentic self - and let it glow. This foundational workshop uses Tarot as the doorway to understanding the beautiful truth of your being. Join Rhea and Rory for this Psychic Beauty experience and discover what makes you who you are and how to make it shine.

We open our time together within the blessings of sacred circle, using simple but effective ritual tools to gently pull you out of your preconceived notions of self and lead you instead towards the visions which are held by your soul. Then we dive in and discover your individual guiding Tarot cards and their meaning, providing you with a framework for a renewed and deepened understanding of your personal path – and your personal beauty.

Next, pull it all into physical form as we create a uniquely-you organic and fabulous facemask that will support your inner glow with an outer ritual of self-care, claiming your true spirit for yourself.  Add it to your take-home collection of luxuriously magical goodies that will inspire you to put your best face – and most authentic self – forward every beautiful day.

We then step back into circle to charge it all up, empower your soul, and light that inner fire that lights your way.

Our doors always open a half-hour prior to class start time for wine, bites, and mingling.

Date:  Saturday April 2, 2016
Location:  RL Linden & Co. Studio
Time:  1:00 to 3:30

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