Psychic Beauty Tool Kit: Tools for Self-Care

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Psychic Beauty Tool Kit: Tools for Self-Care


Psychic Beauty Tool Kit: Tools for Self Care
At Base Coat Nail Salon

In this powerful workshop, you will explore the ultimate beauty tool kit – the stunning beauty of pure personal strength. Discover the truth within yourself: Strength is not about muscle and might. It is about authentic spirit and authentic form.

You begin your journey in circle, where you release fear and awaken the potency of your actualized self through ritual and sacred space, allowing the world to fall away and your soul to stir.

Then learn how to physically nourish and spiritually connect with your own strength through one of its most mystical symbols: your hands. So much more than they seem, these are the beautifully complex and magical tools that bring your ideas into manifestation; that comfort, pray, speak, tear down, and build up; that care for others and care ultimately for yourself.

Next play with your power in all its forms as you claim a mini-manicure with Base Coat to fearlessly express your true colors, experience a Reiki treatment with Rhea to connect to your worth and your courage, receive gorgeous henna hand art with Henna Luna to symbolize the inner and outer beauty you hold, and create a personal talisman with Rory to carry all of it back out into the world with you.

Finally, step back into circle once more to acknowledge the beautiful, confident power you hold at your core – and, as always, to be gifted with a divine collection containing everything you need to walk each day in strength and soul.

Our doors always open a half-hour prior to class start time for wine, bites, and mingling.

Date: Saturday August 6, 2016
Location: Base Coat Nail Salon, 3244 Navajo Street, Suite 101, Denver 80211
Time: 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Base Coat Nail Salon™ is a non-toxic nail salon founded on the idea that you can have beautiful happy, healthy hands without sacrificing style and having to expose yourself to toxins & chemicals. They source the least toxic and most natural products for their salons, and the products used in their services are all organic, vegan friendly, scented with only essential oils, plant based preservatives and never contain petrochemicals, parabens, sulfates or any other icky stuff – so always safe to use on children and women who are pregnant/nursing. Denver Founders Tran Wills and Alexandrea Elman are committed to the vital importance of green beauty and dedicated to revamping the face of an industry – while revolutionizing the way women do business.

Henna Luna (Caroline Brothers) uses natural pigment and spiritual vision to create beautiful designs that speak directly to the soul. An extraordinary artist, she unites inner and outer self through her gorgeous manifestations upon the human canvas – and brings a level of divine self-expression to her clients that is not only unique but truly sacred.

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