To be beautiful means to be yourself – sophie adler

We believe in beauty.

And we believe in the authentic self.

Being beautiful is no longer about a trend, an era, or someone else’s expectations. The truth is pure and simple: Beauty should feed your own unique spirit, every day. At Psychic Beauty, our mission is to provide you with the practices and tools that allow you to awaken your most beautiful self, inside and out. Through focused workshops that explore the connection between body and soul, Rhea Horvath of Womenfolk and Rory McMahan of The Sacred Table offer a magical space that will awaken your ability to see the beauty in yourself and in all things.  

This is authentic beauty.

This is Psychic Beauty.


About Rhea & Rory

Rhea and Rory are dedicated to sustainable, ethical, eco-conscious products that feed your body and uplifting, common-sense spiritual practices that feed your soul. Through our teachings, we aim to close the gap between internal and external beauty.  Our body-and-soul philosophy is reflected in everything we do – and in everything we offer to you. 


Esthetician and Reiki Practitioner Rhea Horvath knows that beauty is a vibrational expression - it is something we feel. Founder of Womenfolk, Rhea aims to nurture the authentic beauty each individual embodies. Her approach is to provide services that nourish inner and outer beauty by using organic, ethically produced products and soul enriching energy work techniques. Warm and intuitive by nature, she has the empathic gift that enables her to help you actualize your unique beauty. Her intention is to share with you the best products and practices to fill your beauty tool-kit.


Intuitive Diviner and Tarot Reader Rory Lula McMahan has always been captivated by the beauty of the soul. Owner of The Sacred Table and author of Instagram's popular Daily Draw @rorylula, Rory's extensive and varied spiritual trainings allow her to connect her clients with their highest purpose and most intentional path. Easygoing and optimistic in her teaching style, and with accessibility and clarity as her mantras, you will be inspired by her grounded, compassionate, and insightful guidance towards discovering your most authentic and beautiful self.